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Creating your dream kitchen can be an incredible balancing act between creating a stunning space in your home and creating a space you can cook and entertain in! If you’re eager to update your kitchen in 2023 and aren’t sure where to start, these five kitchen interior design trends will change everything!

1. Smooth Hardware-Free Cabinetry

Cabinets are always a hot topic when it comes to kitchens. This means purposeful design that makes sense to almost everyone who walks in. With your cabinetry, this can mean little to no hardware!

Instead, your cabinets can be opened by carving a lip out of the inner edge of the cabinet doors.

If you’re doing this yourself things can get complicated and you may find yourself making mistakes you wouldn’t want in the result. Getting custom cabinets from a company like R&J Cabinetry will save you a lot of time and hassle.

2. Accent Walls In the Kitchen

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Accent walls are making a huge comeback in 2023! These walls allow homeowners to disperse evenly where their focus lands when they enter a room and ensure that your home feels as welcoming and attractive as possible.

Of course, you can go for a classic accent wall by using paint or wallpaper, but in 2023 the average accent wall will be different in more ways than just color. Physical texture and visual intrigue play a large part in this role! Adding a white shiplap wall gives guests somewhere for their eyes to land and creates an awesome surface for hanging art or decorating your kitchen.

This is an incredible visual detail for anyone who’s unafraid to switch things up and create a kitchen that’s unique to you.

3. Natural Wood and White Playing Together

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100% all-white kitchens have had their moment for over ten years, but there’s something refreshing that’s coming to kitchens in 2023. Inspired by high-end homes and apartments, kitchens are now gaining warmth in color by including more natural wood tones.
When paired with clean and simple white surfaces, like a custom white tile backsplash, this creates a stunning visual effect that goes over well with everyone.
You can create this look by adding natural wood cabinetry above a white marble counter or go in the opposite direction by having white cabinets and a natural-toned butcher block countertop. This will give your kitchen more workable space and add a warm tint that makes it a far more comfortable place to work and entertain others.

4. Doors and Trim That Create a Seamless Space

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The last thing any kitchen needs is eighty different accent colors. At that point, there’s no main color to work off of, and the entire room looks like a cluttered mess. Whether you go for natural wood accents or bright white, make sure you get high-quality products. This means getting the best wood stain for interior doors you can and taking your time staining it correctly.

When you’re painting, it’s best to use multiple thin layers of paint rather than adding one or two extremely thick layers of paint since this can peel off or come out clumpy. Take your time and get the best result possible.

Consider every part of your kitchen, especially if you’re making your trim white. A yellow or warm-tinted white surface will look better in a room with more warm colors, while a cooler titanium-tinted white will look best in an area that also has that tone. Don’t be afraid to get paint swatches and think this through as seriously as you would if you were painting a fresh wall. Every detail matters when you’re redesigning your kitchen!

5. Flooring That’s Attractive and Sturdy

The flooring in your kitchen is going to see a huge array of problems throughout its life. From the possibility of dropping hard bowls and dishes to the likelihood of spills and drips, your flooring needs to be able to take on whatever you throw at it. Make sure to consult with professionals before you invest in flooring that’s not only attractive but also sturdy.

There’s No Reason Your Kitchen Can’t Be a Showstopper

Whether you’re creating a kitchen where you’ll entertain and raise children over the next thirty years, or you want to keep your house-flipping skills as cutting edge as possible, any of these trends can boost a kitchen! Make sure to consider some of these while you update.